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How did The Haunted Bay Ghost Tours come to be?

We had no idea we would start doing ghost tours. I, Ying (left in the photo), started The Haunted Bay paranormal series as a school project when we were asked to come up with something to film in a video production class. Since it was October, I thought it would be great to follow and document real paranormal investigators. I remembered seeing the Alameda Paranormal Researchers (APR) in a 4th of July parade so I reached out them. Sommer Jonez, the leader of APR, agreed and invited us to film them while they investigated on the USS Hornet. So I assembled a team, including Cody Kulka, who is still part of the team and we filmed our first investigation on the most haunted ship in the US. We had planned to just be like flies on the wall, just filming our subjects, but then things started to happen to us. One cameramen felt hands pushing down on his shoulders while we filmed at the White Horse Bar. I felt that something was going to attack me at Preston Castle right before a shadow figure jumped at one the the APR investigators. It was so fascinating, we kept filming and I expanded the series by inviting esteemed psychic medium, June Ahern to join as well (center in photo). Then filmmaker, Matthew Abaya (on the right), joined the team as the Director of Photography.

After a year of filming, I started doing some fundraiser ghost tours to raise funds for the videos since I pay everything out of pocket. Every few years I would run a few tours in the fall. Then the pandemic hit and after being laid off as a covid investigator, I could not find a job because I only want to work outdoors or remotely due to health conditions. So this year I decided to make it a business. I researched online and searched all over Berkeley, stopping strangers on the street to ask about ghost stories. Staff and students told me about their paranormal experiences and I formed The Berkeley Haunted Hike. This hike starts on campus and gets darker and scarier as we go as we talk about true ghost stories and true crime accounts.

In San Francisco, we are working on a tour to show guests where we actually filmed paranormal investigations in the North Beach and Chinatown area. We can't wait to tell you about our personal experiences while filming in several historic San Francisco locations.


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June ABC
June ABC
09 nov. 2023

Thank you for including me. You offered one site, no, I'll pass said I and then another - a place always had wanted to visit but never thought it'd be so high in paranormal activity!! Your crew is very professional in giving me space to do "my work." I'm so enjoying meeting and greeting - well mostly - ghosts.

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