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The HaunteD Bay
Ghost tours

tours by Paranormal investigators
as seen on Amazon prime

Due to injury, tours are postponed until further notice.

Berkeley Haunted Hike

General  $55   
Students $35 (student IDs will be checked)

Group discounts available for 6 or more. For more info send email to or text 408-780-9830.

This hike gets creepier as you go!

The second half is not for the easily scared.


The Haunted Bay is an authentic Bay Area  paranormal investigations series on Amazon Prime and We will take you on a trek across the campus and nearby grounds, down dark paths and stop by scary, decrepit haunted buildings. You'll hear the ghost legends and true ghost and crime stories that have been declared by witnesses, reported in the news and experienced by psychic mediums. 


This tour lasts about 2.5 hours, but might be a bit shorter or longer, depending on what happens.  Prepare for a  semi-strenuous walk with hills, stairs, and uneven ground with rocks, vegetation, branches and debris. It's not guaranteed, but we may get an opportunity to enter one location and we will ask you to wear a mask if we do. 


Mature themes will be discussed so this tour may not be appropriate for children under 15. Please wear long pants and comfortable closed toe shoes. Bring a flashlight, water and a mask in case we get a chance to enter a building. A minimum of two guests required for tours to run. 

Please do not attend if you are sick.  Just let us know and we can issue a refund or find another date.

San Franciso Ghost Tour

General $55

Group discounts available for 6 or more. For info send email to or text 408-780-9830


You actually get to go inside at least one haunted location

as we visit several places featured in The Haunted Bay series.

The Haunted Bay, a San Francisco paranormal series on Amazon Prime and offers you this exclusive ghost tour based on our personal experiences in haunted locations.  You will visit sites where we filmed paranormal investigations including inside a very haunted historical location.  You will hear true ghost stories from our paranormal investigations with the Alameda Paranormal Researchers and  psychic mediums who have helped police solve murder cases and been featured on "Ghost Adventures".  Warning: We cannot guarantee that paranormal activity will occur, but guests have seen apparitions, felt touched by unseen hands and experienced paranormal activity after the tour. 


We'll explore the dark histories of the dangerous, vice-ridden Barbary Coast area of San Francisco where robberies, kidnappings and murders happened on a daily basis. You will visit haunted locations, including haunted streets where psychic medium, June Ahern, encountered ghosts from the Gold Rush era and before. Then we'll step into Chinatown where buildings still hold secrets of  century-old tragedies and hauntings.  You will get opportunities to use your psychic senses and then we'll show you the experiences and evidence we gathered.


Please note:  Masks are required indoors.


This tour lasts about 2.5 hours, but may be longer, depending on what happens. Tours can only be scheduled about a month out since we have to coordinate with a venue.  If you do not see dates on the calendar, please check back in a few days. It is unlikely, but if a venue gets a last minute booking for a show, we will not be able to tour inside. We can offer a discounted tour or a refund if that happens. 


Mature themes will be discussed.  No guests under the age of 17 will be allowed without adult supervision. This tour may not be appropriate for children under 15. A minimum of  2 guests required for tours to run. 

​(Please do not attend if you are sick. Just let us know and we can issue a refund or find another date).


Berkeley Haunted Hike
San Francisco Ghost Tour


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$55 general

$35 for students

Outdoor only



San Francisco


$55 general

outdoor and indoor

The Haunted Bay films the psychic medium June Ahern as she speaks with ghosts

About Us

We started filming and documenting paranormal investigations and psychic mediums as a class project to see if ghosts are real. The plan was to just stay behind the cameras and film like flies on the wall, but things started to happen to us, even to the skeptics on our team. We saw apparitions, felt things touch us, even pull on our clothes. We captured inexplicable video and audio recordings. We never imagined the journey it would take us on.  Along the way we unearthed untold ghost stories, hidden history, and paranormal activity. 


The Haunted  Bay Documentaries

We are on Amazon Prime and 

 The Haunted Bay on Amazon Prime

 The Haunted Bay on

The Haunted Bay in the Press and Media:

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Broke-Ass Stuart

The San Francisco Chronicle


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John W., CA

"My experience with the Haunted Bay's SF Ghost Tour was quite something. It was a different way to explore San Francisco, meshing the spooky with intriguing history. We visited a historic building and hearing about the lady ghost haunting the restroom was fascinating. It was crazy that we saw the lady ghost on a thermal camera!. It was an eerie yet interesting atmosphere that stayed with me. "

Cristina Medina, CA

"I got scared on the Berkeley haunted hike when we went to one of the old buildings! I really liked it. Ying, the guide, did a lot of research and the stories were very interesting." 

Stacy Meyn, CA

"A few years ago we did the SF Ghost Tour with Ying and it was hours of fascination. We learned about the ships underneath the City surface, as well as the hills, buildings, and alleys that had paranormal activity and major history. June Ahern, the psychic, was on the tour and helped us discern between the spirit of PG&E vs. much more.

On the Berkeley Haunted Hike, Ying takes us all over the Berkeley campus to spots that are active as all get-out with students sharing in the stories.  I got some interesting audio findings along the way and am excited to learn more about the recent developments at one of the locations. 

Ying has a knack for finding the right balance between history and mystery."

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